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21 november 2017
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3.4.0 – web

We are constantly improving our platform; here are the latest updates.


  1. New payment method – free pass.
  2. The free pass number is listed under the Management payment list.
  3. The form can be removed from publication in order to limit visibility for patients.
  4. Free text answers from the questionnaire can exported in Management.
  5. A list of the outcomes of meetings can be exported in Management.
  6. Office users are requested to reload when a new version of the service is available.
  7. The telephone number field supports several county codes.
  8. Images uploaded by the patient are saved in meeting information after the completed call.

Bug fixes

  1. Can now scroll at the same time as dragging times in the calendar.
  2. A patient does not need to indicate what their problem is in order to start a message conversation, if the healthcare professional has not activated this.
  3. A user is notified in the media test only if the microphone or camera does not work.

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