A virtual care platform

Connecting people and healthcare systems

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A virtual care platform for the needs of today and tomorrow

We know you would like an easier and more efficient way to reach more people, without creating unmanageable demand. Visiba Care allows you to start running one or many virtual clinics under your own brand name. Your knowledge about your operations and our technical expertise constitute a winning combination for a modern, secure and future-proof system. Thanks to ongoing dialogues with our customers and updates every three weeks, the platform will meet new needs as they arise.

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Full focus on ease of use

When we talk about users (which we do a lot!), we mean everyone who would like and should be able to use our platform: patients, family members, carers, interpreters, healthcare professionals, and administrators. Every user of a healthcare system wants services that are easy and convenient to engage with.

We take a patient-first approach to building our platform. And we are proud of the feedback we get from the people who use Visiba Care – those who use our platform in their work and the service users who have been helped through one of our customers' apps. After all, what would a digital healthcare platform be without its users?

The average rating of our customers' apps is 4.73 out of 5, based on 30,709 ratings from both Iphone and Android (Jan. 2022).

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We are absolutely sure you want to cooperate with others

We believe in a vibrant ecosystem of digital solutions, which allows innovation and continuous development. That is why we like to work together with others through partnerships and integrations. For that reason, we have open APIs so that everyone can help each other and share whatever they are best at!

Some of our customers

We work with large healthcare organisations

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