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Video consultations can benefit everyone

Video consultations create value for a large range of patients. The benefits for patients with casual and treatable issues are known but not nearly highlighted enough when it comes those who are in closer contact with healthcare – the chronically ill. Having the opportunity to contact healthcare from home without putting the effort of physically going to a surgery can make a world of difference.

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Video consultations are breaking into mainstream healthcare and will slowly become the norm. But who is seeking them and why? A study conducted by Jönköping Academy for Improvement of Health and Welfare shows that it’s mostly young people with simpler issues who can be treated without a physical meeting with healthcare.

But is this really the only patient group that can reap the benefits of digital healthcare? How do patients with comorbidity and chronic illness – the one who need to contact healthcare the most – experience digital healthcare? Can video consultations improve their lives?

Meet Henriette, a patient at the digital primary care centre Bra Liv nära for the last two years. Henriette is living with several chronic illnesses that challenge her quality of life. She is now enjoying increased accessibility to healthcare and the option to book time with her GP; She has left waiting in drop-in receptions and emergency room visits behind and gets help on time – before her situation becomes critical. Her quality of life has increased, and she has greater control over her conditions.


With Visiba Care, your patients can download and access your own, branded app, that displays the messages and receptions of your choice. The platform is scalable, flexible and highly customisable: you can add the workflows of your choice, and activate or deactivate functions yourself to reflect your healthcare activities.

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Tina Marshall

UK Country Manager