We digitalise healthcare together with you

Visiba Care has helped many different healthcare providers to digitalise their operations. In consultation with our customers, we continuously develop our solution to be cover future advancements and the needs of healthcare organisations, staff, and patients.

Different businesses have different needs

With customers ranging from large regions to smaller healthcare providers, in many different segments of the healthcare sector, we understand the importance of being able to adapt your virtual clinic.

Primary care, psychiatry, secondary care, youth clinics, municipal health and social care – different activities need to set up their own flows and offers.

One practice might want to enable its patients to book appointments online and offer video consultations. Another might prefer to offer its patients a digital drop-in practice or communication via secure messaging. A third might need multiparty conferencing to consult a specialist or allow a relative or interpreter to participate in video consultations.

Visiba Care offers multiple options, but you can start small and then customise or add more activities, functions and flows as required.


What our customers say about Visiba Care

Rapid development, attentiveness, adaptability, and operational safety are our key variables when choosing strategic partners.
Visiba ticks all these boxes and we are very happy with our partnership!

Andreas Schill

Psychologist and Business Manager, PBM

Visiba Care is a customer-responsive partner, with a profound understanding of the business and apt to step it up. We can trust that we can use the platform in all situations – safely and securely.

Gudrun Greim

Operations Manager, Närhälsan Online

Visiba Care is fast-paced and responsive to the problems we need to solve in our business, while also having a good understanding of the challenges that arise with digital transformation.

Ulf Österstad

Operations Manager, Närhälsan Online

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