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Mental health is a major problem, and many patients find it hard to get help. Waiting times can be long, and if life is a struggle you might not be able to visit the healthcare services. Some people barely manage to leave their home. Others might be travelling and have trouble getting to a physical practice.

Through online therapy and treatments, clients can talk to the health services from the comfort of their home or elsewhere, even abroad. When healthcare is made more accessible, the barriers to seeking help are lowered, and getting help in time is important to reverse the development. At the same time, results indicate that digital therapy is equally effective as a face-to-face meeting.

At an online mental health practice, video is often used as a communication channel. Through multi-party calls, it is also possible to involve several persons in a single video meeting, which is a great benefit to persons suffering from burnout who now can meet with the health services, their employer, and their insurance company at the same time.

Before a digital meeting, it can be beneficial to use forms where the clients can answer questions regarding their mental state and health. It allows both healthcare professionals and clients to feel prepared for the meeting. The messaging feature can be used to send exercises and other documents, but you can also send files during the video call itself.

Visiba Care allows you to choose between different features, flows, and opportunities.

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