Visiba Care

A virtual clinic customised to fit your needs

Visiba Care is a scalable virtual clinic software that enables healthcare providers to meet patients online through their branded virtual clinic. The platform consists of a web interface for healthcare professionals and an app for patients, which may include one or several digital receptions via the same entry point.

Success through digitalisation – more than just technology

Digital transformation creates new opportunities but also places new demands on businesses, people, and relations. The introduction of new technology requires courage and a willingness to change. Having a safe and reliable partner by your side can make a huge difference.

Visiba Care is not just a technical solution. We are also a sounding board, supporting you in the work with your virtual clinic, not just leading up to the launch but throughout the journey. Over time, when you have had time to test and evaluate your business, you may want to adjust your digital flows, add functions, or scale up your operations. We are here to support you and give you the best possible chances to succeed.

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Why Visiba Care

You provide care, we do the rest

With Visiba Care you do not have to worry about the technology. We take care of the design and configuration and make sure you are constantly updated.

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Your brand, your healthcare offer

Visiba Care is a white-label solution, which means that patients are welcomed by your brand and visual profile when they use your service.

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Your unique healthcare workflows

One size does not fit all. That’s why we have created a platform in which you can choose the parts that are right for your business.

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Visiba Care – an overview

How do you want to work with your virtual clinic?

What is Visiba Care and how does the solution work? What does the patient flow look like and what different possibilities exist? Watch our animated movie to find out more – in less than two minutes!


Enabling large implementations of a virtual clinic

With Visiba Care, a large healthcare organisation can combine several services with unique configurations in one reception and under the same solution. Patients can meet different healthcare services digitally through a centralised reception.

The result is patient-centric digital healthcare, which becomes an organic part of the entire healthcare chain – providing value to the organisation, healthcare providers, and patient.

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Integration and safety

Prepared for integration

We know the value of high technical interoperability and compatibility with existing and upcoming systems. Visiba Care can be integrated with your existing tools and healthcare information systems.

Great focus has been placed on security and integrity and the platform supports several methods for secure login.

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