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Connecting people and healthcare systems

Visiba Care is an award-winning, easy-to-use virtual care platform, enabling high-quality accessible and integrated care to more than 7 million people. The platform is trusted by more than 2,500 clinics and 34,000 healthcare professionals.

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The platform

For your organisation

With Visiba Care you get a robust solution supporting your organisation's first digital steps to a complete digital approach to providing care. The white label platform ensures your patient's trust, and your staff will amaze by how quickly they adopt to the system. With our advanced AI triage tool, your organisation can free up resources and manage demand more efficiently, thus ensuring that the people with the most need of care are being treated first. The solution is built on open standards, providing various integration possibilities for the best user experience and true person-centered care.


The Platform

For your staff

Visiba Care offers an easy-to-use and intuitive user interface for healthcare professionals and administrative staff. The system requires a minimum of training during onboarding. New staff will be up and running after just a few hours. The platform offers a range of features to support healthcare staff during the day, from advanced booking to automated collection of medical history and various secure ways to interact with patients digitally (video, chat or messaging). Collaboration between colleagues and within teams from one or several organisations is made easy and transparent through efficient case management. 


The platform

For your patients

Visiba Care provides a digital entry to your services for your patients, accessible through a native app or web interface. The service is easy to use, branded according to your guidelines, and offers secure communication through video, chat or messaging, and a clear overview of appointments, referrals and other documents. Automatic reminders ensure that patients turn up to their scheduled appointments. The result is easier access for patients to your healthcare services, without adding extra pressure to your staff.

Customer quotes

Said about Visiba Care

Trond Morten Trondsen

Director, SiO Helse, Norway

We wanted a solution that could offer more than just video. We needed extra functions like chat, drop-in, e-prescriptions, and integration with our national health service. This was very important to us when we were choosing the platform.

Michael Oliver

Project manager, Livewell Southeast

The simplicity of use of the app is the thing that we value the most. We have had many self-confessed technophobes come onto the training courses, but by the end of the training, they have been ready and able to use the system with confidence.

Dr Gudrun Greim

Head of operations, Närhälsan Online

Visiba Care is a customer-responsive partner, with a profound understanding of the business and apt to step it up. We can trust that we can use the platform in all situations – safely and securely.


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