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About us

Visiba Care was founded in 2014 by a team of Swedish entrepreneurs after they experienced their frustrations with the healthcare system. Their aim was to make healthcare more accessible by enabling patients to easily and securely communicate with healthcare professionals online.

Today Visiba Care is an award-winning virtual care platform used by over 2,500 healthcare services and 34,000 healthcare professionals. Every 25th second, a person is provided with care through one of more than 100 Visiba Care powered patient portals.

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Our mission

We believe in digital transformation as a tool for achieving and maintaining high-quality, accessible, and person-centric care. We believe it can help us empower healthcare and improve lives.

Patients must feel safe, seen and listened to in the transition toward more digitalised healthcare. And healthcare professionals must feel they can provide the best possible care. Ultimately, when that trust is in place, going digital should be rewarding – it should create value and comfort and a better healthcare system.

So we are not here because of fascination for technology per se, but for what it can do for the human perspective in healthcare. More precisely, how it can help connect people and healthcare systems. That is why we have built our expertise around it and created a virtual care platform that makes the best parts of digital technology work for humans. Not the other way around.


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