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The times are a-changin’, get on board

The global landscape in healthcare is changing and so do the needs of the population. Patients worldwide are more conscious than ever and demand the same accessibility in healthcare as they receive from other services. At the same time, the healthcare industry seems strained in outdated routines and growing administrative tasks, that avert precious resources from efficient treatment. Visionary healthcare professionals are driving today’s care, and request the same solution that has brought many other industries into the new era: Digitalisation.

Visiba Care offers a solution that facilitates the digital transformation of healthcare. We provide the infrastructure for future-proof healthcare and enable healthcare providers to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Our Mission

Why go digital? And, why Visiba Care?

Our CEO, Johan Gustafsson, fields the question of why digital healthcare and Visiba Care are a solution for today and tomorrow’s health services.

Visiba Care

For a future-proof healthcare

Visiba Care is a fully customisable digital solution designed both for primary and secondary care. The platform enables healthcare providers to setup and operate an online practice with one or several receptions under their own brand.

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Key benefits with Visiba Care


Reduced consultation time


Reduced nonattendance rate


Patient satisfaction


Said about Visiba Care

Visiba Care is a customer-responsive partner, with a profound understanding of the business and apt to step it up. We can trust that we can use the platform in all situations – safely and securely.

Gudrun Greim

Operations Manager, GP Närhälsan Online

When choosing strategic partners, we are looking for rapid development, responsiveness, adaptability, and reliability. Visiba Care meets all of our requirements and we are very pleased with our collaboration!

Andreas Schill

Psychologist and Business Manager, PBM

As a doctor, Visiba Care is excellent for me; the interface is flexible, intuitive, and coherent. It allows me to be readily prepared for each meeting, so I can work faster, securely, and efficiently.

Hejko Schlesinger, MD

Specialist in General Medicine, Bra liv nära

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