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Empowering healthcare through future-proof technology

A digital-first approach to care

The global landscape is changing. People worldwide are more conscious than ever and expect the same accessibility in healthcare as they receive from other services.
The healthcare industry suffers increasingly from staff shortages, elective backlogs and growing waiting lists. Outdated routines and growing administrative tasks avert precious resources from efficient treatment.

A shift toward digitalisation and automation will enable healthcare organisations to free up resources and increase productivity to meet current and future challenges.

Visiba Care's award-winning virtual care platform supports existing healthcare providers in transitioning to digi-physical care chains and person-centric care.
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Our mission

Bringing back the human perspective

We believe that the human perspective must be at the centre of all innovation. Technology is there for humans, not the other way around.


Our mission

Liberating healthcare potential

Obsolete systems and working methods lock up great healthcare potential, creating obstacles for everyone involved. We are on a mission to remove those obstacles.

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Our mission

Creating trust in digital care

Patients need to feel safe, seen, and attended to. Healthcare professionals must trust that they can provide high-quality care to those who need it most. Going digital should be a pleasure – it should create value and comfort and a better healthcare system.


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