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Åsa Söderlund

Johan Gustafsson and Jesper Aasa

Caregivers who use Visiba Care's digital care platform can now readily offer digital rehabilitation and individually tailored training programs for patients with chronic diseases or pain conditions. This is made possible through a simple configuration between Visiba Care and the CE-marked digital training and rehabilitation service Vitala.

Physical activity is often a core treatment recommendation for patients with chronic diseases and chronic pain, both for treatment and prevention. But patients need support to maintain regular exercise, which is a challenge for healthcare providers with limited resources.

The collaboration means that healthcare organisations can take advantage of the flexibility that both Visiba Care and Vitala offer and choose the flows and functions that best suit patients and healthcare providers. For patients, this means a safe and seamless experience where they both get access to individually tailored exercise programs and a secure way to contact their healthcare provider if necessary via Visiba Care's digital healthcare platform directly from Vitala's app.

Together with Vitala, we can reach out to many patients who need exercise support without putting extra pressure on healthcare. The solution gives patients easy access to personalised support, which can be easily adapted to best reflect the changing needs of people living with chronic conditions. With the help of Visiba Care, the existing care provider can also act as a coach and support the patient in various rehabilitation processes,

says Johan Gustafsson, CEO of Visiba Care

Behaviour change interventions have proven to be most effective when patients can access high-frequency, personalised support. By connecting two digital tools that give people the support they need, Visiba Care and Vitala are ensuring high-quality care is available to those living with and at risk of long-term conditions

With Vitala, patients can receive automated and individually adapted exercise programs without burdening the healthcare staff. Doctors, nurses and physiotherapists can prescribe exercise but do not have to spend time developing workouts and plans. Vitala generates these automatically based on, among other things, the patient's medical diagnoses, individual abilities, pain complaints and daily form during exercise. By combining our service with Visiba Care's virtual care platform, we can support healthcare organisations with an integrated solution supporting proactive care,

says Jesper Aasa, CMO at Vitala.

About Vitala
Vitala is healthcare's first digital medical training centre. Through Vitala, patients get automated access to medical training and rehabilitation, both for preventive purposes and as part of medical treatment. Vitala is a family business founded in 2020 to make healthcare more proactive. Vitala is a CE-marked medical device created by doctors and physiotherapists in close collaboration with end users. Read more at

About Visiba Care
Visiba Care was founded in 2014 to empower healthcare to improve people's lives. Today Visiba Care is an award-winning virtual care platform enabling high-quality, accessible and integrated care to more than 7 million people. The platform is trusted by more than 2 500 clinics and 34 000 healthcare professionals around Europe. Every 25 seconds, a person is provided care through a Visiba Care-powered patient portal. Read more at


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