How it works

For patients

Patients can easily and securely meet their healthcare provider – wherever they are. With Visiba Care, patients are met by your brand and message when using the service. They can feel at home in your graphic environment, which helps maintain a sense of security.

Father and child in video consultation with healthcare | Visiba Care

Visiba Care is a secure solution where both patients and care providers confirm their identity when starting the meeting. All communication on the platform is encrypted and data is securely stored for a limited amount of time, according to the Patient Data Act, GDPR, and the guidelines of the Swedish Data Inspectorate.

To ensure that the patients are given the best possible experience and quality when using the service, we work on “native apps”, meaning that the apps have access to the full functionality of the phone. This means, for example, that patients can switch between apps during the video call to look for information elsewhere in the phone without the call being interrupted. Patients also do not need to be active in the app while waiting for the video call to start. When a healthcare professional initiates a call, they call the patient’s phone, which means that the patient can use the phone for other things while waiting in the lobby or the drop-in writing room.

When patients have logged in, they can choose between the functions and flows that your particular organisation has chosen to offer. It can be scheduling an appointment, queueing for a digital drop-in room, and writing a message to their healthcare provider. Before an upcoming visit, patients are able to send in photos of their issues and can, if forms are used, also answer questions ahead of the visit. After each video call, patients are asked to rate their experience.

They can log in at any time to see an overview of their open cases. They can also cancel appointments and review form replies and photos that they have submitted. Through notifications, patients can be reminded of a visit or informed of a new message being received. The notifications can be sent by e-mail, text message, or push notifications in the app, depending on the healthcare provider’s configurations.

Read more about how Visiba Care works for different users: administrators, healthcare professionals, and schedulers.



What do patients think of online consultations?

Meet Henriette, a chronically ill patient from Sweden, who shares her experience of visiting an online clinic.


What the patients think of digital consultations

Great overall, easy to book and easy to navigate!


Smart and effective system – great if you’re looking for answers! Will tell all my friends about this!


It worked really well, it was quick and smooth!


Your app is absolutely fantastic. It works brilliantly. It also respects people who are severe dyslexic, like me. The design and interfaces couldn’t be more user friendly. The logging in process, the automatic reminders and a list of your appointments are absolute lifesavers. The app is a pleasure to use. Thank you