Our solution

Integration and security

Visiba Care is prepared for integration and can be integrated into your existing and future systems in three different ways:

  • Visiba Embassy APIs – open REST-APIs which external systems can use to send and receive data from Visiba Care’s platform. Available with both proprietary and FHIR standards.
  • Visiba Webhooks – allows external systems to subscribe to events in Visiba Care’s platform.
  • Integration modules – Visiba Care is a modular solution and is easy to integrate with various parts, e.g. logbooks, user databases or patient register, with other open systems.

A secure solution

We have placed great emphasis on security and integrity when developing Visiba Care. Healthcare discussions involve sensitive and private information which no one apart from the parties to the conversation should have access to. Visiba Care authenticates all use of the platform. The security level is set by the customer and configured based on the customer’s needs. Available authentication methods include (but are not limited to):

  • One-time passcode through text message
  • NHS Login

The platform uses a communication method which ensures that data sent between servers and clients remains private and encrypted. The protocols are based on the security technology standard TLS.

Visiba Care is CE marked as a secure Class 1 Medical Device. All patient data is handled according to GDPR.

Continuous quality assurance

At Visiba Care, we work continually with scrum-based agile development methods and place great emphasis on the quality assurance of our platform. Through regular planning meetings with our major customers, we ensure a unified direction for our product heading forward.

All major changes are tested by selected users and reviewed by an external clinical advisor. Cross-functional teams define user stories and break them down to define technology, usability, and quality. The code is manually checked by experienced developers but also through automated tests. The product undergoes structured and documented testing whenever changes are made, and each new release must be approved from a development, product, and quality perspective.

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