A virtual care platform for outpatient care

Reduce elective backlog, optimize waitinglists and handle demand more efficiently by introducing digital touchpoints to your outpatient care flows.

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Increased productivity

From a management point of view, perhaps the most significant benefit of digital transformation is the possibility of higher productivity. By streamlining administration and giving the patients the chance to take some initiatives themselves, healthcare professionals will get more time to provide care.


Reduced risks

For many patients with a severe illness or condition, getting to a hospital for follow-ups can present a significant challenge and health risk; with mobility being a potential limitation and the increased risk of infection. Our virtual care platform can help to mitigate these challenges by enabling patients to interact with healthcare professionals digitally rather than face-to-face.

Effects for outpatient services

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More time for care

Handling administrative or routine cases via video or messaging save time, thus freeing up more resources for care.

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Reduced risks

By managing cases digitally, within and between teams, human errors can be mitigated, thus ensuring better outcomes.

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Patient involvement

Making it easier for the patient to actively take part in their own care will make them feel more secure.



Peter Adolfsson

Diabetes doctor, Region Halland

For the patients with whom I have close contact, the video visit takes about 10–12 minutes. This means I can receive twice as many patients as an on-site visit.

Anders Fernström

Head of unit, Psykiatrimottagning Ale

The fact that a young patient receives adequate treatment within a couple of months instead of almost 2 years has an enormous impact on the patient's quality of life. If you stay with psychiatric problems without help, you often get other psychiatric problems.

Nathalie Klintenstedt

Section Manager, Aleris Sleep Apné

In the past, we received criticism that it was difficult to get hold of us, and many expressed dissatisfaction that it was not possible to find our reception. Now it's easy and smooth via the app!


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