Empowering Healthcare. Improving Lives.

About us

Visiba Care was founded on the strong conviction that digitalisation is inevitable if healthcare is to offer equal, high-quality and secure services in the future. Everyone who works at Visiba Care comes from different backgrounds but we share the same values and vision.

How it all began

’It takes two minutes to book a flight to Thailand but I can’t even book an appointment at my GP practice online! There must be a way to solve this!. The year was 2013 when four Swedish entrepreneurs met to discuss what many had been thinking for a long time: Why is it so difficult to get in touch with healthcare when you need it?

The discussion planted a seed which would later become Visiba Care, today a leading virtual care platform. But it was not a straight road to get there. When the company was founded in 2014, there were no similar solutions in the Nordic market, and few thought that a digital appointment could replace a physical consultation. But there was one exception: the Finnish healthcare company Doctagon. Doctagon had long been working on a solution which would allow doctors to meet with their patients digitally, and they were brave enough to invest in our brand new company. And so, our journey began.

Today, Visiba Care has customers in four different markets and the platform is used in many different healthcare operations, mainly by large healthcare organisations. With a vision of using digital technology to allow healthcare services to improve people’s lives, good experience of digital transformation, and respect for healthcare organisations’ expertise and abilities, Visiba Care is a reliable partner which always puts the customer’s success first. After all, it is only through our customers’ success that we reach our vision: Empowering healthcare. Improving lives.

Clinical expertise

Meet our team of Medical Advisors

Visiba Care may have been started by patients, nevertheless instilling clinical expertise in our products is imperative. We are collaborating with a team of distinguished, practising healthcare professionals who contribute with their diverse backgrounds, knowledge, and professional experiences to assure pristine quality in our products.

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The importance of internal champions in digital transformation

Our company culture

Visiba Care is built on three strong values

We care | Visiba Care

We care

  • For each other, by being warm, attentive and respectful.
  • For our customers by going the extra mile to help them succeed.
  • For the society by contributing to a healthy and sustainable world.
We act | Visiba Care

We act

  • With passion and curiosity to accomplish great things.
  • With a pragmatic mindset, focused on getting things done.
  • By celebrating each other’s achievements and having fun.
We grow | Visiba Care

We grow

  • As individuals by challenging and supporting each other.
  • As a team by sharing knowledge and aligning our goals.
  • As a company by aiming high, driving and embracing change.