Trusted digital health care leader Visiba Care launches in UK

Cornelia Broqvist

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Healthcare providers in the UK can now have the opportunity to work with one of the leading digital healthcare platforms – Visiba Care. This will enable them to fulfil NHS England’s Long-Term Plan and its clearly drafted requirement that “over the next five years, every patient will have the right to online ‘digital’ GP consultations”. *

Following the release of the NHS Long-Term Plan, Visiba Care – with vast experience in supporting existing healthcare practices going through digital transformation – announces their launch in the UK. Visiba Care’s solution for digital health enables existing healthcare providers to set up their own digital practice with their own brand. With a diverse range of global customers, Visiba Care is used in a variety of medical settings, from GP Federations, to Speciality Clinics and large Healthcare Providers – the largest of which to date has over 1.6 million patients.

Delivering an outstanding user experience, and a user interface that is simple to use both by patients and healthcare professionals, Visiba Care is built to support healthcare organisations that want to implement digital care in a broad scale.

It is an exciting time for the UK. However, as with all big changes, there will be some trepidation as to how these changes can be delivered without impacting patient care. Our goal is to complement healthcare providers and the excellent service they currently deliver. We are confident that our experience at delivering digital transformation and putting the patient first will be of great value to health providers in the UK who are starting their digital journey.

- says Johan Gustafsson, CEO of Visiba Care.


Interviews are available and can be arranged through:
Fredrik Roxhage, Chief Commercial Officer

* For information on the Long-Term Plan, please visit: