Book all your appointments in Visiba Care

The platform enables you to manage all your appointment bookings, both digital and physical, video meetings, test appointments, vaccinations and much more.

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Three ways to book

The platform gives staff a clear overview of how busy you are, enabling them to select the time slots made available for booking based on capacity. When patients are able to find and select times that suit them, it reduces the risk of non-attendance and saves you time that would otherwise be spent managing appointment bookings.

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Booking directly

You can invite the patient to an appointment at a specific time via a digital invitation such as SMS or email.


Patient booking

The patient can book an appointment from the selection of times that you have made available.



Where appropriate you can choose to offer drop-in sessions - which have been proven to lower the threshold for certain patients to seek help.


Reminder notifications

Both the patient and the healthcare professional receive a booking notification and a reminder prior to the appointment which reduces the risk of missed visits. You can configure the type of notifications that are sent, via email or text message. When it's time for the appointment, the patient’s phone will ring even if their app is not activated. 

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Integration with booking system or appointments calendar

Integration with calendars or appointment booking systems can be done in several different ways, depending on what the other system allows. We have developed integrations with numerous different medical record systems, booking systems and the Swedish national service (web appointment book).