For healthcare professionals

Are you hesitant about starting to work digitally? Are you having problems getting more of your staff on board with the transformation? In that case, Visiba Care is the right partner for you. We have over 2,500 successful deployments behind us, and we know what it takes to get an organisation on board.

female doctor working in Visiba Care
Digital care platform from the perspective of the patient and care practitioner

Enabling digital care

Visiba Care offers a variety of features that facilitate the healthcare professionals’ working day, ranging from the quick and simple booking of physical or digital appointments to the automated collection of medical history and guiding the patient to the appropriate healthcare professional and correct level of care. Healthcare professionals can communicate quickly and confidentially with patients via video, chat or messages, wherever they are. In addition, the platform creates better conditions for collaboration through multi-party calls and ingenious systems for case management within and among different care teams and organisations.

Happy woman sitting at the computer and working

Easy to get started

For healthcare professionals, Visiba Care is an easy-to-navigate and intuitive tool that does not require any prior technical knowledge. Healthcare practitioners and administrators can get started quickly – in just a few hours – and do not have to devote much time to introductory courses and training.* Many of our users are pleasantly surprised at how easy and, above all, how much fun it is to work on the platform.

* If you still want support and instructions, users can access a help centre with manuals, instructional videos, tips and frequently asked questions. And of course, our support team is also there for them in case of need.

Testimonials from our customers

Heiko Schlesinger

General practioner

For me, as a doctor, using Visiba Care works very well because the interface is smooth, intuitive and logical. It allows me to better prepare for each appointment so that I can work quickly, efficiently and patient-safely.

Mike Oliver

Project Manager at Livewell Southwest

The simplicity of use of the app is the thing that we value the most. We have had many self-confessed technophobes come onto the training courses, but by the end of the training, they have been ready and able to use the system with confidence.

Therapy Support Worker

Livewell Southwest

I’ve just completed my first video conferencing with one of my community patients and it couldn’t have gone better. My patient suffers from some mental health issues so being able to talk to her face to face was brilliant and she said how it felt like she was speaking to someone real as she could see me. Brilliant!