Work together for more secure and more efficient healthcare

With Visiba Care, your teams can manage administration, referrals, care activities and communication in one single tool.  Consistent structures, better overviews and easy follow-up result in improved care and collaboration.

Healthcare professionals looking at ipad

Visiba Care messaging enables you to collaborate securely with other healthcare professionals throughout a patient case. Cases can be handed over both within the service or clinic and to other services or clinics within the organisation. It's easy to communicate with colleagues to request advice, ask a question or make a referral.

Digital case management creates important advantages


For the employee

The transition from post-it notes, knocking on doors and uncertain handovers to a  consistent digital overview is often perceived as a huge liberation.


For patients

Better feedback and faster case management mean safer and more secure care processes for the patient and their relatives.


For the service

Digital case management saves you time so that you can do more with the same resources and reduce waiting lists.