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New scrubs but the same reliable partner

Åsa Söderlund

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In the first half of 2022, we dug deep into our company, looking for truths and values from an internal and external perspective. With our agency partner Most Studios, we have been working hard to shape our new brand identity, ensuring our looks and words match our ambitions and actions.

Liberating healthcare’s potential

We believe in digital transformation as a tool for achieving and maintaining high-quality, accessible, and person-centric care. In the transition towards a more digitalised healthcare, we know by experience that patients must feel safe, seen and attended to. Also, healthcare professionals must feel they can provide the best possible care. Often, numerous systems, routines and services need to interact to accomplish this. We are on a mission to make that happen. Going digital should be a pleasure; it should create value and comfort and a better healthcare system. And it can.


Bringing back the human perspective

We firmly believe that the human perspective must be at the centre of healthcare innovation. Technology is there for the benefit of humans, not the other way around. That goes for our brand as well, and what we provide in the end is a connection point between patients, professionals, and healthcare systems. Being at the forefront of this digital transformation, our brand needed to be positioned accordingly.

Connecting people and healthcare systems

To manifest the core of what our brand has to offer, we are now introducing a new brand tagline – Connecting people and healthcare systems. The tagline also works as a guiding tool in our visual world. Our new logotype is, in essence, a “V” but carries a lot more personality than just a letter. In the centre of the logotype, the two major blocks connect, symbolizing the meeting between people and healthcare. Another detail worth mentioning is how the soft outer edge turns into a hard inner edge, representing how the human side and the tech side must always work together.

On a more subtle note, we have used a shape that might trigger associations with some of the most human symbols, the heart and the lungs. Helping us make the brand even more alive – and ready for the future of healthcare.




Please have a look around our website to see more of the imagery, graphics, icons and messages that are all part of our rebrand.

For media inquiries, please contact Åsa Söderlund, Content Manager at Visiba Care