For patients

To succeed with your digital transformation, you need to get the people who will use the services on board. This means both healthcare professionals and patients. An average rating of 4.5 out of 5 on our patient apps proves that our focus on user-friendliness pays off!

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How digitalisation in healthcare simplifies life for patients

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A single entry point

Visiba Care allows the patient to quickly and confidently reach all your services from the same digital entrance.

The patient can log in to your patient portal via an app or a web interface on a computer, where they will be reassured to see your brand and graphic profile. Here, it's easy to search among your services, communicate with you via video, chat or messages, and get an overview of ongoing and completed cases.

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Native app for the best experience

Automatic notifications tell the patient when an appointment is coming up, thereby minimising the risk of missed appointments. Our system interacts with the telephone's operative system to ensure the best possible user experience. Even if the patient hasn't logged into your app at the time, the phone will ring when it is time for the appointment. This significantly reduces DNA rates.

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Engaged patients

In the portal, the patient is not only able to interact and communicate with your departments; you can also offer the patient support and self-care advice by embedding important information from other websites or apps, which can reduce the administrative burden for your staff while at the same time building up the confidence of the persons seeking help.

With new ways of making contact, sharing information and dealing with tasks that they themselves both can and want to handle, the patients will be more involved and have more control of their own care process.


This is how the patients feel



A wonderful and efficient way to talk to a senior doctor about 250 miles away and get answers to all questions and advice.



Your app is absolutely fantastic. It works brilliantly. It also respects people who have severe dyslexia, like me. The design and interfaces couldn’t be more user-friendly. The logging-in process, the automatic reminders and a list of your appointments are absolute lifesavers. The app is a pleasure to use. Thank you!



First time I tried. Down with the flu but could reschedule and meet my physiotherapist via video instead. It worked really well. Would definitely try it again.